ENSO Response to Altered Climates

Andrew T. Wittenberg

Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton University, 2002

Stochastic ensemble forecast


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Title, Abstract, Acknowledgments, Contents (8 pages, 0.08 MB)
Chapter 1: Introduction (20 pages, 0.7 MB)
Chapter 2: Analysis of Observations (35 pages, 4.2 MB)
Chapter 3: Statistical Wind Stress Model (28 pages, 2.2 MB)
Chapter 4: Coupled Climate Model (54 pages, 5.2 MB)
Chapter 5: Sensitivities of the Tropical Pacific Climatology (37 pages, 2.3 MB)
Chapter 6: Theory of ENSO Sensitivity to Climate (17 pages, 0.2 MB)
Chapter 7: Simulated ENSO Sensitivity to Climate (55 pages, 2.9 MB)
Chapter 8: Conclusion (5 pages, 0.05 MB)
Appendices & Bibliography (60 pages, 1.2 MB)
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Published version, double-spaced for the Princeton University Library, frozen as published in June 2002:

Complete dissertation in black & white (gzipped PostScript, 475 pages, 12pt font, 16.8 MB)
See the errata.
Official readers: Kirk Bryan, Anthony Rosati, Geoffrey Vallis
Examiners: Ants Leetmaa, George Philander, Geoffrey Vallis
Public Defense: 2 May 2002

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Wittenberg, A. T., 2002: ENSO Response to Altered Climates, Ph.D. thesis, Princeton University, 475pp.
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ENSO, El Nino, La Nina, Southern Oscillation, air-sea interaction, ocean, atmosphere, tropics, tropical Pacific, equator, equatorial waveguide, coupling, climate change, global warming, climate drift, paleoclimate, forecast, prediction, predictability, wind stress, trade winds, Intertropical Convergence Zone, ITCZ, thermocline, upwelling, undercurrent, advection, cold tongue, warm pool, statistical, SVD, regression, stochastic, noise, hybrid, numerical, coupled, general circulation model, GCM, decadal, interannual, intraseasonal, westerly wind burst, WWE, WWB, MJO, sea surface temperature, SST, heat budget, energy budget, nonlinear dynamical system, Princeton, AOS, GFDL

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