Thesis Errata

The following changes have been made to the electronic (PDF) versions:

  1. Section 5.6, 3rd-to-last paragraph, first sentence, should read: In the central Pacific, the zonal stress feedback induces slight upwelling changes that enhance the changes induced by the forcing; e.g. in the case of stronger southerlies the feedback is easterly at the equator and so induces upwelling, which cools the SST in addition to the cooling tendency from stronger southerly-induced upwelling south of the equator.  [Fixed 8/15/02]
  2. Appendix F.1, first paragraph, last sentence: Reference here and in the Bibliography should be to Pacanowski and Philander (1981), not Philander and Pacanowski (1981).  [Fixed 11/11/02]
  3. Section 2.4.2, 1st paragraph, 3rd sentence: "... stronger than the ...".  [Fixed 12/02/02]
  4. Figure 3.11 caption, 2nd sentence: "Hatching masks values ...".  [Fixed 3/29/03]
  5. Section 2.1.4, last paragraph, 3rd sentence: Reference to WGASF 2000 updated to Taylor 2001.  [Fixed 3/29/03]
  6. Section 8.1.2, last paragraph, 1st sentence: "... largely persist ...".  [Fixed 3/30/03]
  7. Section 4.1, last paragraph, was redundant.  [Deleted 8/26/03]
  8. Figures 4.12 and 4.13: in the graphic, the lines for "observations" and "model" were swapped and did not match the caption.  [Fixed 8/26/03]
  9. In the color PDF only, Figure 5.13 used a graphic which did not match the caption or text.  The black-and-white PDF and official PostScript versions were correct.  [Fixed 8/26/03]
  10. MKS wind stress units of dPa are now used in all text, figures, and captions, rather than the CGS units of barie.  [Updated 1/19/09]
  11. Chapter 3 lead quotation shortened.  [Updated 1/19/09]
  12. Factor of 2 was missing in the denominator on the right-hand side of Equation (C.9).  [Updated 11/16/16]
  13. Factor of -1 was missing on the right-hand side of Equation (C.13).  [Updated 11/16/16]

This page was last updated November 2016.