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The FMS Manual:
A developer's guide to the GFDL Flexible Modeling System

V. Balaji (for the FMS Development Team)

March 28, 2002


The GFDL Flexible Modeling System (FMS) is a publicly available software infrastructure for the construction of atmosphere, ocean, and coupled climate models. The code is portable across a wide variety of scalar and parallel computing architectures, and is designed for flexibility, modularity and extensibility.

The FMS manual is aimed at all users and developers of models using the FMS infrastructure. It describes the scope of the FMS infrastructure; the standards and conventions employed by FMS; the principles of design of individual FMS components and elements; the policies regarding its use both inside and outside GFDL, including the proposal and implementation of modifications and extensions; as well as providing links to the actual source and documentation. It is intended that the manual will permit a free and open manner for the user/developer to interact with FMS, including configuring models and running them, designing and building extensions, porting to new platforms, and replacing any FMS component with new code that will be usable across the FMS community.

A printable (PDF) version of this document is available as /home/vb/doc/tex/reports/FMSManual.pdf.

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Author: V. Balaji
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